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The stop you selected is served by multiple routes or trip patterns This means that some but not all vehicles might be going to your destination Please select either the link "Show predictions for all vehicles" to get predictions for all vehicles that go through your stop, or select your specific destination stop so that we can provide predictions only for vehicles that actually go to your destination:

90-San Bruno Owl - Inbound to North Point & Van Ness
from Potrero Ave & 18th St

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Potrero Ave & 16th St
11th St & Bryant St
11th St & Harrison St
11th St & Howard St
Mission St & 11th St
S. Van Ness Ave & Mission St
Van Ness Ave & Market St
Van Ness Ave & Grove St
Van Ness Ave & McAllister St
Van Ness Ave & Turk St
Van Ness Ave & Eddy St
Van Ness Ave & O'Farrell St
Van Ness Ave & Post St
Van Ness Ave & Sutter St
Van Ness Ave & California St
Van Ness Ave & Clay St
Van Ness Ave & Jackson St
Van Ness Ave & Broadway
Van Ness Ave & Union St
Van Ness Ave & Greenwich St
Van Ness Ave & Chestnut St
Van Ness Ave & Bay St
Van Ness & North Point
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