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Internet-Enabled Phones (WAP capable)

To access NextBus information on your Internet-enabled phone you need to enter the URL Only Internet-enabled phones have this capability.

Please note: some Internet-enabled phone services only provide the capability of accessing preset URLs. Unfortunately this type of limited service will not enable you to access NextBus information.

Accessing NextBus Information Using Your Internet-Enabled Phone
In order to access NextBus information using your wireless phone, you must be able to specify the URL on the phone. If you do not know how to specify a URL, please read the instruction booklet that came with your phone or contact your service provider.
Select your transit agency, your route, and then your stop. The most current prediction for the arrival time of the next vehicle will then be displayed.
We highly recommend that you "bookmark" the pages you are most likely to use. First, select the stop or stops you most frequently use such that the current prediction is displayed. Then bookmark the stop. If you do not know how to create a bookmark, please read the instruction booklet that came with your phone or contact your wireless service provider.
If a prediction is already displayed on your phone, make sure you reload the page by hitting the ok button twice to get the most up to date information.

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