About NextBus Predictions

How to use the system?

Real-time arrival information from NextBus can be obtained from signs installed at transit stops, from computers with access to the World Wide Web, and from cellular telephones and other wireless devices.

To obtain information via the Web or from wireless devices, specify which stop you want information for. The information will then be automatically displayed and updated every few seconds.

You may add the page to your "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" so you can get back to it quickly.

Keep in mind:

  • Allow enough time to get to your stop.
  • Traffic and emergencies can affect the accuracy of predictions.
  • NextBus supplies only the predictions.
  • Contact the transit operator for any other questions or problems.

Where do I find?

NextBus uses Global Position Satellite (GPS) technology and advanced computer modeling to track buses and streetcars on their routes. Taking into account the actual position of the transit vehicles, their intended stops, and the typical traffic patterns, NextBus estimates the bus arrivals with a high degree of accuracy. This estimate is updated constantly as the vehicles are tracked.  The NextBus system is covered by U.S. Patents 6,006,159 and6,374,176. The system is also produced under license from ArrivalStar, Inc. U.S. Patents 5,623,260; 6,411,891; 6,317,060; 6,415,207; 6,313,760 and 6,278,936.

How accurate are the predictions?

The accuracy of the predictions vary depending upon many factors including changes in traffic patterns, accidents, Internet traffic, etc. Therefore NextBus cannot specify a precise overall accuracy. In general though, the margin of error is less than one minute for predictions of five-minutes or less. For ten-minute predictions, the margin of error is less than two minutes. We have biased the predictions slightly early to avoid people missing buses. NextBus is confident that you will find the system accurate enough to be very helpful.

What are the benefits of the system?

The NextBus system puts the transit rider in control. Even when you know what the schedule is, there are any number of reasons that vehicles may not arrive when expected. Traffic variations, breakdowns, and the day-to-day problems faced by any transit company can delay or completely interrupt service.

By using the NextBus system to determine when the next vehicle is going to arrive, the rider doesn't need to wait an indeterminate amount of time at a possibly unpleasant or unsafe stop. Instead the rider can make an informed decision. If the vehicle will not be arriving for an extended period, the rider can go into a store, read the newspaper, or even take another mode of transportation.

The NextBus system also allows the user to obtain real time arrival information remotely. Riders can determine exactly when to leave home or the office in order to meet the bus -- virtually eliminating waiting time.

Why isn't it available for my bus?

Your transit agency needs to pay for the cost of the NextBus system. The number of agencies that provide NextBus predictions is rapidly growing but the technology is still relatively new. If you would like to have the service provided for your system, contact your transit agency and tell them what a benefit the NextBus system would provide for their passengers.

Why aren't predictions made for all vehicles?

Some transit agencies have not yet purchased the tracking devices for all of their vehicles. When untracked vehicles are run on a route, real-time arrival predictions cannot be made.

Who pays for this service?

The signs at the transit stops and the needed tracking hardware is paid for by the transit agencies. No costs are passed on to the users except for those wireless users who pay for access by the minute.

What future capabilities do you expect to provide?

In the near future we will provide predictions via additional wireless devices. We will also provide alerts that will notify you automatically via your computer or wireless device when the NextBus is within a specified distance. That way you will know exactly when to leave your home or office in order to catch the next bus.

What is your advertising policy?

NextBus has adopted a policy not to accept Internet advertising for certain classes of products that our transit partners and/or we would not view as socially responsible. Specifically excluded are sexually oriented advertising, tobacco advertising, advertising for fire arms, advertising for alcoholic beverages, and advertising intended to promote any illegal substances.

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