Messages You May Encounter

"No current prediction"

No information is available at the moment. Check again in a few minutes; it is likely that a prediction will be available shortly.

Possible reasons for this message include:

  • There is no vehicle between the beginning of the route and your stop. This is especially likely if your stop is near the beginning of a route. Wait a few minutes and a prediction should appear.
  • No vehicles are currently scheduled to run. Consult the schedule link for details.
  • Vehicles are running but not ones with the required tracking equipment.
  • Vehicles are deviating from their usual route.

"No service scheduled"

At this particular time, no vehicles are expected to operate. Check the transit authority's for more details.

"More than X minutes"

No vehicle is nearby. The NextBus system has determined it will be at least X minutes before the vehicle arrives, but cannot specify an exact wait time. As soon as the vehicle moves, the wait time will be updated.

"Please wait..."

Wait a few seconds, or reload the page.

"0 minutes"

A vehicle is at, or very near, your stop.

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