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Can I bookmark predictions?

Bookmarks can be very helpful if you regularly obtain NextBus real-time arrival information for particular stops. Once you have selected a stop and predictions are being displayed, bookmark the predictions page. The bookmark will automatically remember the stop for which it should display predictions.

Why do I have to specify the "From Stop" and "To Stop"?

Sometimes there are multiple routes that go to where you want to go. The NextBus system can provide predictions for all possible routes that serve your stops, as long as you specify both the stop where you are boarding ("From Stop") and your destination stop ("To Stop"). Also, there are some routes that have multiple destinations. If your destination is only served by some of the vehicles for your route, then by selecting your destination only predictions for vehicles that actually are going where you need to go will be displayed. If only one route serves the stop where you are boarding and there not multiple destinations for your route, the "To Stop" selector will not have an effect and can be ignored.

Does the site offer access for the visually impaired?

The prediction display has been built and tested with screen-reading software.

How does the system remember the last stop I specified?

The NextBus system uses a browser cookie to keep track of the last stop for which real-time arrival information was obtained on your computer.

Do I need to have cookies enabled?

You can obtain real-time predictions even if cookies are disabled. Cookies are only used to remember the last stop for which you wanted predictions. So while this feature is not necessary, it can make it quicker for you to get your desired information.

Do I need to have JavaScript enabled?

You can still obtain real-time predictions even if you have JavaScript disabled. If JavaScript is not available or is turned off, you will automatically be directed to our non-JavaScript pages for specifying which transit stop you want predictions for. The interface will be somewhat different but you will still get exactly the same information.

Do I need to have Java enabled?

Java applets are only used for displaying real-time maps showing where the vehicles are on the desired route. If you have Java disabled, or are using a browser that cannot run applets, you will still be able to access all other features on the NextBus Website with the exception of route maps.

Why does the interface sometimes look different?

Because Web browsers vary widely, we have created two Websites: a full-featured one that is available on Netscape and Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or higher) browsers, and a simpler one that runs on all other browsers. Therefore you will see a different site depending on which browser you use. Also, if you have JavaScript disabled, you will automatically be routed to the simpler site.

Both sites provide exactly the same prediction information. The only difference is in how you specify the stop for which you want prediction information.

Where do I find schedules?

A link to schedules is provided when possible. They are available on both the stop selector page and on the real-time predictions page.

Where do I find maps showing where the vehicles are?

When maps are available for a route, they are accessible from both the stop selector page and on the real-time predictions page.

Why doesn't the map application work?

The map application is a Java applet. If you don't have a Java compliant browser, or if you have Java turned off, you won't be able to view the maps.

Which browsers are supported?

The NextBus Website is supported on all Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. It is also supported on Opera and WebTV browsers. If you have problems with this site on your browser, please e-mail

How do I turn off the annoying clicking sound in Internet Explorer?

With some version of Internet Explorer, the system generates a clicking sound everytime a new page is loaded. This can be annoying because a new prediction is loaded at least once a minute. To turn off this clicking sound on a Microsoft Windows PC, open the system Control Panel and click on "Sounds and Multimedia". In the Sounds tab, look under the Windows Explorer section and click on "Start Navigation". Under Name:, you will probably see start.wav which is the clicking sound. Replace the text "start.wav" with "(None)" and hit OK.

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